5 Skincare Tips To Follow In Fall

The summer season has breezed away, and fall is rolling in. This means its time for you to pack up your shorts and flowy maxis and make a place for fall-appropriate clothing. Like a change in your style, fall also requires you to shake up your skincare routine. 
You see, every season comes with its pros and cons for your skin. Summer is a constant fight against excess oiling and acne for many of us. On the other hand, the colder months of the year demand you make sure your skin doesn’t dry up like a shriveled leaf. 
Since your skin is the largest organ of your body which also happens to be exposed, the environment greatly impacts it. The content of moisture in the air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun are two factors that play a role in determining your skin’s condition. 
So, it’s obvious that with a change in the climate, you’ll have to switch skincare products and chalk out a better suitable skincare routine. For this, we’re here to help you out. 
Below given are 5 of the best ways to take care of your skin this fall. 

Keep Your Skin Moisturized 

Fall means a dryer weather which translates to dehydration. Dehydration, in turn, is directly proportional to a dull and flaky skin. This dryness makes fine lines and wrinkles more apparent as your skin loses its plumpness. This is why it is pertinent to stay moisturized. 
To keep your skin moisturized, lather on a moisturizing lotion on a daily basis. The best time for applying a moisturizer is after washing your face or taking a bath. When your skin is already wet, it is moisturized. By massaging a moisturizer on it, you can lock the water in. 

You may also make use of homemade moisturizing masks. Honey is one ingredient that can come in handy. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Don’t let dehydration and dryness get the best of you. 
Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, who is an expert in the field of Dermatology says, “Some patients get very dry in the colder weather. Wind chaps the skin, and heat from radiators can really dry it out. During the winter months, you can keep your skin healthy by moisturizing regularly.” 

Exfoliation is Key

We all spend summers strolling about outdoors, engaging in activities out in the sun. This leaves our skin rough. As fall enters, it’s best to take exfoliating seriously. Because only moisturizing won’t do much good. You will just be lathering on a thick lotion right over dead skin cells, trapping them in. so exfoliate regularly at home. 

Go for an exfoliator that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like retinoids and glycolic. One that provides hydration and nourishment would be best. However, don’t overdo on exfoliation as per the recommendations of Capital Laser & Skin Care founder and director, Elizabeth Tanzi. 

Don’t Ditch the Sunscreen 

After waving your goodbyes to summer, don’t forget sunscreen behind! Often people toss their sunblock creams at the back of their drawers once fall kicks in. However, the slight chill in the air is no indication of leaving sunscreen behind. Why? Because the change in season doesn’t impact the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Know that SPF should be your daily partner regardless of what season it is. Sun-protecting makeup is by no means enough. For fall and winters, prefer a sunblock that contains hydrating ingredients. Did you know that you should wear sunscreen even if it is snowing outside? Some think that ordinary glass can prevent sun damage, but that is just a myth. In fact, applying sunscreen in winters makes your skin age slowly.
Marnie Nussbaum who is a dermatologist in New York City says, “One of the biggest mistakes my patients make is skimping on sunscreen once it gets cold out.”

Cover Up Your Skin  

Experts recommend wearing gloves, scarves, hats, and other such cover-up garments in the season of fall. As we mentioned above, the elements have an impact on your skin. It’s best to avoid the environmental impact as much as you can. Don’t only hide your skin beneath layers of clothing but also by covering it up with the right products. 
The products that work for you in spring and summer will probably not be as suitable for you in fall. This is why changing your sunscreen, exfoliator, toner, cleanser and other skincare items are necessary. You can get discounts on skin care products by using coupon and promo codes. 

In brief, your entire lifestyle changes with the season. You don’t want to sip on soup in the summer or Pina Coladas in the chilly weather. 
“Just as you wouldn't wear a tank top and flip-flops outside in cold weather, you don’t want to use your light-weight summer skin care products as the temperature drops,” says Maxine Siegel from AHAVA.

Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

When we talk about skincare tips, we cannot just focus on our facial skin. You should pay attention to your hands and feet as well. Invest in a great hand cream that has moisturizing ingredients. Since your hands get under the sink often, the water can dry your skin and give birth to cracks. Along with a hand cream also get a cuticle oil to handle dry cuticles. 

The skin of your feet is also more prone to flakiness partly because in winters we keep our feet stuffed in boots. You should, hence, go for a cream for your feet as well. Also, don’t forget to regularly scrub your feet to get rid of the dead skin. 

Wrap Up Thoughts 

Seasonal changes call for alterations in your skincare routine. When summer shifts to fall, don’t forget to revamp your skincare products. Your skin has to adapt to the changes that the environment brings and get the right treatment to combat the attacks of natural elements. See what works for you and go for it. Don’t forget to cover up, use sunscreen, and keep your skin exfoliated and moisturized as well. 

Published on: October 01, 2018

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