6 Outfits To Wear In Freezing Cold!

Whether we are ready for it or not but winter is here! Undoubtedly fall is my favorite season for wardrobe transition as I can get tons of clothing articles for fall alone, however, when it comes to winter wardrobe I cannot think of anything else but puffer jackets. Winters are extremely cold where I live, it is already very difficult to get out of bed for work and then to top it off with getting ready for work is a dreadful activity I have to go through every day.

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As much as we want we cannot shun ourselves from the daily chores and at some point, we have to get on with our day to day activities that apparently need a winter wardrobe. So for this winter, I decided to prepare my arsenal with warm clothes that will not only keep my toes from falling off but will also make me look presentable and chic in and outside the office. This is also where my saving coupons come in handy too because I upgraded my winter wardrobe on a budget, so if you are going through same struggle then keep on reading to upgrade your winter closet with these outfits;

Classic OG Black Leather Jackets

You cannot think of winter without leather jackets; they are cool they are chic they can dramatically “amp up” your entire outfit Let it be jeans, trousers, tights or skirts you can pair it with a classic leather jacket and voila you are ready to go on with your day looking “phenomenal”. The jacket will keep you warm and make you look edgy at the same time.

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The leather jackets are widely available and you can find in different styles as well. The leather jacket is a must-have winter staple which everyone should own to complete their winter wardrobe.

Trench Coats Over Turtlenecks

Another trick to survive winter is to make the most of your wardrobe which means layering. By properly layering each article you can pull off different combinations of shirts, sweaters, and coats entire winter. The turtleneck shirts make the most comfortable winter outfit, you can wear them to class and grocery shopping without looking ridiculous, also to give it more formal look you can layer it with a trench coat.

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Trench coats are the winters must have necessity, they long fluffy trench coats can hide a multitude of sins beneath, so if you are not in the mood to make many efforts just simply put on a trench coat and be on your way.

Pastel Wrap Coats

While I was pondering over tons of magazines to upgrade my winter closet, that is when I found the wrap coats and I knew I had to get one. The wrap coat is a fashion twist that will make every head turn on the street, it instantly makes you look more put-together and effortlessly chic which is our ultimate goal.

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The belt cinches the waist and makes your physique appear more hour-glass like. I prefer these coats in pastel colors which are more soothing to eyes and are formal as well, these wrap coats are perfect ensemble for office and quick brunch with friends.

Wooly Scarves; Winter’s Accessory

Sometimes coats and jackets are not enough to ward off chills and that is where these warm wooly scarves play their role. The scarves can cover your neck and head region and you can twin it with any outfit, casual or formal.  You can also wrap it around your neck or drape around your shoulders.

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The scarves are available in dozens of colors and styles which gives you a variety of options to choose from, you should at-least stock up to 2-3 scarves to go with your winter outfits. I personally prefer solid colored scarves which can go with a variety of colors.

Puffer Jackets And Ankle Boots; Timeless Combo!

I was at first against puffer jackets, I thought the made me look round and shapeless but over the time I have discovered the right way to wear puffer jacket and since then I love it. Puffer jackets are best for the places where the temperature drops to freezing, the puffer jackets are literally jacket made out of blanket which will save you from frostbite in extreme temperature.

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To give it more modern spin you can wear them on skinny or high waisted jeans with ankle boots which will make your legs appear more slim and shapely.

A Dash Of Color!

The winters are pretty stark themselves you don’t need to stuff your closets with monotone hues only. Try to infuse more vibrant colors in your winter closet especially, the dark vibrant colors absorb more warmth compared to lighter colors. If you are not a fan of exciting hues then you can add just a hint of color by wearing a bright colored scarf, trench coat, shoes or even carrying a bag which will add a pop of color. This touch will straightaway make your outfit pop.

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These are my favorite 2018 winter outfits which have entirely changed my clothing game. Not only they have kept my fingers from turning blue but they have also garnered me handful compliments. What I like about these outfits that you can get them anywhere around the world, they are widely available in nearby and online stores in various colors, designs, and sizes. As I was shopping on my constricted budget I did most of my purchasing around the sale and used my saving coupons to get a discount. 
Do mention in the comments below: which of the outfit did you like the best? 

Published on: December 06, 2018

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