7 gifts that you can give to your workplace pals

Forging friendships has helped mankind survive a lot of difficult times. From pre-school to college, its teamwork did with good intentions that helps. The same can be said about your workspace. According to Gallup, the friendship between employees can amplify their satisfaction at work by 50%. The same research also revealed that individuals who have a close friend at work have a 7x higher probability of being fully involved in their work. 
Not only does befriending a co-worker make it more likely for one to be productive but it also indicates success. A Harvard report mentioned how building and tackling workspace friendships can be challenging yet worthwhile. The best way to show your colleagues that you appreciate their existence at work? By giving them gifts occasionally. You see, you spend so much time at work, your friends at work become more like family. 

It’s no secret that presents only strengthen bonds. However, what should you gift to your workplace buddy? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list. These are 7 motivational and unique gifts that your co-worker is sure to love. 


If there are lots of books scattered on your colleague’s table, they call for bookends. These can be wooden or made of another material. You can get fancier designs for more bucks if you’re looking for a more expensive gift. Otherwise, you can stick to cheaper options. You can use coupons or shop during sales to get discounts on gifts and presents. 

Bookends will help your co-worker keep a stack of books aligned. They come in both, one or two pieces to keep on a single side against a wall or hold the stack from both sides. 

Table Bottle Hanger

Not everyone is meticulous when it comes to their work desks. We all know that one person at work who’s work table is always covered with clutter. Not even a single square area is left to house his own water bottle. A quirky gift that such a messy co-worker is sure to appreciate is a table bottle hanger. The gift will be one that he will be able to make the most of. 

It wouldn’t be too personal either so if you are someone who prefers maintaining boundaries, such a gift would be perfect. The best part? Such a bottle hanger is also discreet. 

A Fidget Cube 

Does your co-worker tend to get all anxious and sweaty when a new project is handed to him? Does work stress get to him badly enough that he starts fidgeting? A cool gift for such a friend at work is a fidget cube. A fidget cube is sure to be useful for him. Created by the Antsy Labs, a fidget cube is basically a toy for adults.

It features a joystick, a metallic ball, gears, a switch, a rotating disk, and some buttons. The design is brilliant, a great way to relax nerves. 

A Power Bank 

You know what’s a bummer when you’re deep into work? Your device’s battery dropping too low. Sure, you can always use the switch at work for powering up your smartphone or laptop but that’s inconvenient. Also, what if there’s no switch close by? A hassle-free option is a portable charger, also known as a power bank. This is one gift that your co-worker is sure to appreciate.

It can allow any gadget with a USB portal to recharge and stay powered up for the next few hours or even more. You would also want to fetch one for yourself. 

A Plant 

Yep, you read that right. It’s common knowledge that a bit of greenery in your environment offers several benefits. The addition of a plant to one’s work desk can help amp up productivity, lower stress, boost creativity and also lower noise markers. Studies also back these points. Greenery can also decrease the risks of illness and clean the air. 

Some plants that you can gift in a small pot to a co-worker include the Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, Cacti and Ficus Benjamina among several other options.

Mug Cozy and Coaster Set 

We’re pretty sure your co-workers have a mug already. If so, a mug cozy and coaster set will be helpful for such a work buddy. A mug cozy is a knitted fabric that makes it easy to hold a hot mug. Whereas, a coaster is a mat for placing the mug or another beverage so that the surface is protected. Both of the items are pretty useful. 

You can get a plastic set or go for a knitted one. Either way, we’re sure the set is going to make a lovely gift. 

Desk Accessory Holder 

Is your friend at work the sort who is always busy, busier than everyone else? Does he seem to be constantly unaware of where the paperclips, the pens, the tape, etc. are? A desk accessory holder can come in handy for such a person. Not only would it lend him a hand in keeping things organized and insight, but it would also do so in style.

After all, who doesn’t love a desk that is managed? Moreover, a desk accessory holder will also be a work-appropriate gift. 

In her book How to Be Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope, and Friendship, Annie Mckee writes, “When we feel cared for — even loved, as one does in a friendship — and when we belong to a group that matters to us, we are generous with our time and talents because we’re committed to people, not just the job or company.” 
This further explains why gifting is essential in friendships between co-workers - to bud such feelings. We’ve listed our gift ideas above. Do you have any bright and unique ideas in mind? Share with us in the comments’ section

Published on: October 01, 2018

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