7 Best Places To Celebrate Halloween 2018

Halloween is all about scary costumes, spooky decorations, and yummy trick and treats, this is the only eve of the year in which you get to dress like your favorite character which is why children and adult both are equally enthusiastic about it. I have been celebrating Halloween with my family in my town for last 13 years, it has been pretty much same except new Halloween costumes and decoration every year, so this year I and my husband decided to spice things up by celebrating Halloween out of town.

Best places to celebrate Halloween 2018

As we had never gone out of town for Halloween so we had no idea where, to begin with, we talked to our friends who had celebrated Halloween in most popular destinations, read articles and talked to agents to guide us to the world’s best places for celebrating Halloween. By the end of our search, we gathered the 9 very best locations to celebrate Halloween,  these places are swarmed with tourists because of their cultural significance and haunting mementos. Ultimately we picked the one which was in our budget but we have noted other locations for the years to come. Keep on reading if you want to know these popular locations:

London, England

Streets paved with old stones where once the famous serial killer “Jack the Ripper” paraded, ancient buildings and history of wars have painted London as one of the most exciting Halloween destinations. In London spots like London eye is particularly children’s favorite Halloween visit as it has a dress-up event for kids and special story experience is also given.
The London dungeons are opened for public with their dedicated program of “master of tricks” which is like a live haunting house where people are dressed up as ghostly characters to scare you. The tour of spooky Richmond park is also given on carriage ride where the tour guide gives tales about the previous hauntings of the park.

city Hall London

Transylvania, Romania

This had to be included in this list because of its Dracula Castle alone. We are familiar with infamous Count Dracula and its gory encounters which are why Bran castle is the most popular tourist attraction in Transylvania other than that there are ancient citadels and creepy ancient towns which stand barren to this day. The Halloween parade takes in these places where tour guides tell the scary stories of the ghosts around the town. The country celebrates Saint Andrews day which garlic are hanged over every place towards of ghosts who came to wander on earth, which makes it even eerier Halloween. 


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

With the history of evil voodoo and occult practices, the place makes it one of the favorite places to visit on Halloween. The tour of Bourbon Street in the city’s French quarter has a cruel history which has been the inspiration of countless horror novels, movies and series like American Horror Story, these frightening stories are being iterated throughout the tour by tour guides making it more spine-chilling. Other than these tourist spots there is Mardi Gras parade which exhibits the most frightening and ghoulish costumes ever.

Limoges, France

France is the house of most ancient mansions and cathedrals making it an architectural monument.  This medieval city has been house to many scary encounters throughout its history, the old mansions cast the shadow of the pasts which is why it makes it a great Halloween destination. It is due to its spookish architect, colorful Halloween parades it gathers annually 50,000 visitors from all around the world every year.

Limoges, France

Paris, France

Although it has been known as the most romantic city in the world and popular honeymoon destination, this dreamy city stands on catacombs, underground graveyards. The catacombs are one of the world’s scariest place to be, filled with skulls and bones has been the site of many ghostly encounters, the maze itself is so spooky and vast that people often get lost in this never-ending maze never to be found again. That is Paris makes to the list of the most famous Halloween attractions.

Salem Massachusetts, USA

The Salem has been known around the world for its evil magic practices and witch hunts which makes it perfect Halloween destination. The old remains stand to this day testifies the horrors that happened in past, the walks along ruins of cemeteries and haunting houses sure frighten the lights out of every visitor. The city is blazed with the carved pumpkin and ghostly props making it even more ominous.

Salem Massachusetts

Derry, Ireland

Ireland celebrates Halloween by name of “Samhain Night” in which it is believed that the land is visited by the dead’s, which roams around the city. The medieval tradition marks the ends of harvest which indicate the shortening of days and lengthening of nights, bringing the darker half of the year. To ward off the evil spirits the festival is celebrated for nine days with colorful parades, ghost tours, and other storytelling family events, making it the favorite Halloween destination.

Derry Ireland

All these destinations have a spooky history which makes it a legendary destination for Halloween, the streets are blazed with carved pumpkins lanterns and people parades in bone-chilling costumes making the eve more spectacular. These are the places that you should visit at least once in your life and celebrate the visit of Halloween at its very best.
Although these tourists’ attractions are crowded with tourists all over the world they are worth visiting, you can use your saving coupons to for booking flights, hotels and tours to the famous spots in these cities to get an added discount. Do not forget to use your promotional codes while shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations as well.

Happy Halloween 2018

Do mention in the comments if you have ever been to any of the destinations around Halloween, are which famous Halloween destination did you like the best and why? Which one would you like to visit this Halloween?

Published on: October 26, 2018

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