9 Fruits & Vegetables You Ought To Buy & Consume In Fall

Like every other season, fall to has some specific vegetables and fruits. This is the time when we get the bounty of sweet fruits, warm vegetables, and delicious berries. All these are not just delicious; they are super healthy as well. One should make the best of the season and eat as many vegetables and fruits of the fall. 

Some of these fruits can be found year round but fall is the time when they are at their best. Others are exclusively harvested before fall. Here are 9 such fruits and vegetables:


Speak of fall and not have pumpkin in this list, how can that happen? Pumpkin is like the universal symbol of Halloween but it is not just a decoration. This fruit is rich in Vitamin A which is great for the eyes. It can also help control bad cholesterol as it has phytosterols. Another great thing about pumpkins is that they do not contain a lot of calories. One cup cooked pumpkin contains just less than 50 calories. 

Brussel Sprouts

You probably do not like this vegetable but after you hear how nutritious it is, you will be convinced to eat it this fall season. It can increase red blood cells in your body as it is rich in iron. The Vitamin K in Brussel sprouts makes them a booster of bone strength. This is quite beneficial for those going to the gym to gain muscle strength.
Do not get into complicated recipes to make them more delicious. Many popular restaurants serve them roasted with seasoning and they simply taste amazing like that. 


Beets taste amazing in the salad but they can be cooked in a lot of other ways too. Beets should be a regular part of your fall season meals as they contain betalains. Betalains have the ti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature. They are also rich in potassium, manganese, and folate. These minerals are great for your blood as they prevent clots. 
Beets are part of many low-calorie diets. Just half a cup of beet slices would add 37 calories in your system. Not bad for losing some pounds over the season right?


Pomegranate is the most underrated fruit of all. It is super delicious and healthy but does not get its due attention and praise. Did you know that pomegranates were an important part of the diet in many ancient cultures? Now, after all the years it makes senses when research showed that their antioxidants can help improve your cardiovascular health. 
Perhaps, the problem that stops people from having pomegranates is that it is difficult to deseed. When the benefits are that great, surely you can make some effort. 


Sweet Potatoes

Although sweet potatoes can be found all year, fall is the peak season for them. You know what that means; they are succulent and super delicious. These can help with Vitamin A deficiency as they are rich in beta-carotene. If you eat them with the skin you can get a good dose of Vitamin C too. 
Sweet potato puree, roasted potatoes, hash browns, sweet potato chili, and scalloped sweet potatoes, there are just so many ways to eat them. You can experiment too and come up with some unique salad or side dish featuring these fall gems. 


Pears are so juicy and filled with a handful of vitamins and minerals. They contain boron and copper. These minerals have been found to prevent cancer. Other than these, this amazing fruit is also a good source of Vitamin C and fiber. 
This season you will find many desserts in restaurants featuring pears. Poached pears are heaven and if you have not tried it yet, make sure to do it this fall season. 


If you are following a low-carb diet, you already know the benefits of this vegetable. Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that has very low calories and is rich in Vitamins C and K. For women who want to have a baby, Cauliflower contains folates. Folates are really good as they can avert any neural tube defects.  
One cup serving of cauliflower is roughly 27 calories. Think of how much weight you can lose by making it a principal staple of your fall diet. 

Final Words

Fruits and vegetables are a gift for us humans. They are mostly cheap and easy to find. The benefits they give us should take them to the top of our grocery lists. Instead of eating unhealthy junk food, opt for healthy fruits and vegetables instead. 

Say goodbye to the misconception that these things are not delicious. Some perhaps are not so delicious on their own but there are ways to cook them that make them straight up yummy. You can search on the internet and have something different all the season. 

Published on: October 16, 2018

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