Throwing The Best Theme Party On A Low Budget

Theme birthday party is any kid’s dream. Kids love cartoons and superheroes. If you bring them to their birthday party their joy is endless. But as a parent, you have to keep a check on your finances too and not spend it all on a birthday carnival that will only last for a few hours. Themed birthday parties can be quite expensive but you know what? You can make your kid’s dream come true while staying on budget.

Sure, the party you end up throwing would not be the grand fiesta but it would be a theme party with lots of kids smiling and laughing. It is all about making do with what you already have and can get without breaking your bank. This goes without saying that you will need a lot of planning in advance. Ideally, you should start the preps at least a month in advance. 

So are you ready to make it happen? Here is everything you need to know:

How To Stay Under Budget?

Tip#1: Go Generic

Unless there is a big sale on superhero merchandise or cartoon stuffed toys, you would want to avoid being too specific to the theme. The more generic it is the more convenient it would be for you. It gives you a bigger playfield when it comes to décor, party supplies, cake, and goody bags. 

Think of Star Wars as Space themed party. If you keep a specific theme, you have to get each and everything according to the theme. That can run up huge bills just for the décor and there a hundred other things to do as well. 

Tip#2: Plan Way Ahead

You want to start with the preparations as early as possible. This is because of a few reasons. You can estimate the expenses and make any changes prior. You can easily compare prices on different stores and look for the best deals. If you shop last minute, you cannot explore much and cannot make any changes to stay under budget. 

Tip#3: Get Discounted Party Supplies

You probably will not be using party supplies that often, especially those that have a theme. So you want to save as much money as you can. Luckily, there are stores where you can buy party supplies using discount codes. Buy all the party supplies from one place and use as many coupons as you possibly can.

Tip#4: DIY! DIY! DIY!

There is no one more creative than moms in this universe. They know how to turn something that is absolutely rubbish into something truly useful and beautiful.  Take the DIY route for some of the stuff that you can easily manage on your own. But first, put your analyst hat on and see if making something at home will save you enough money to make it worth it. 

Depending on what you have at home and what skills you have, there are many things you can do on your own. The most challenging thing you can take up is the cake. Themed cake would be your single biggest expense for the party. 

Now, do not feel any pressure as you only need to undertake this responsibility if it is up to your alley. Otherwise, there are many bakeries that have great deals on themed cakes. Again, you will need plenty of time beforehand to search for the most economical deal. Besides cake, there are a few other things you can do on your own that are well, a piece of cake! This could be your kid’s costume, banners, goody bags, flags, backdrops etc

Tip#5: Go Between Lunch & Dinner

A smart approach to saving money on food would be to keep the party at a time that lies between lunch and dinner. Your guests would not be particularly hungry or expect a lot of food from you. You can keep light snacks that both kids and their parents will enjoy and you will not overstep your set budget. However, make sure you get enough to feed the kids and other guests without food going to waste. 

Tip#6: E-invites Is The Future

Forget the old-fashioned printed invitations. Why waste your money and paper? Go with e-invites or digital invites. All you need to do is pay a graphic artist or use online software to generate the invitation based on the theme of the party. You can send an email blast to all your little guests’ parents and save yourself all that printing money.

Some Budget-Friendly Party Themes


Yes, yes, it is a common theme but what kid does not love the Jungle Book? The Jungle theme is probably the easiest and cheapest to put together. All you need is a green space to host the party. You can easily turn your backyard into an exotic safari. Your kid probably already has a lot of stuffed animals that you can use as props. Then jungle themed party supplies are also readily available. You can set up activities like face paint that do not cost much.


Fiesta parties are downright fun no matter how often we see them. You can go all DIY with the decorations as you basically need colors that match the Mexican flag. Everyone loves Mexican food and it is economical to make at home. You can find plenty of Tex-Mex products at your local grocery store. Don’t forget to get plastic sombreros for the kids!


Rather than going with a particular character, go with a Princess themed party where all princesses are welcome. You can find plenty of cheap party supplies based on the Disney princesses. For your little girl, you can find a precious little princess costume at many costume stores using special promo codes.

You can easily arrange a kick-ass theme party for the kids while staying under your budget. These tips and ideas should help you achieve your goal. What other tips do you think can help set up a budget-friendly theme party?

Published on: November 13, 2018

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