When To Bag The Most Discounts Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sale days in America and many other places in the world. While we know these days for getting gigantic TVs at half-off and clothes at ridiculously low prices, many of us do not know the difference between the two. These two days bring in billions in sales revenue every year.

Black Friday is held on the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday on the Monday after that. If you really want to know the difference between the two, it is better to look at their origins. 

A Brief History Of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday dates back to as early as the 1950s. It was the time when retailers offered big discounts before Christmas. After the whole year of being in the loss, they would finally make so much money to be in the black instead of being in the red, which is accounting jargon. The day after Thanksgiving is an off day so many people came out to shop.

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It was not until the age of the internet that the name Black Friday became so commonplace and all the retailers jumped on the bandwagon. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, has a more recent origin as it started in 2005. It was still a nascent time for online shopping so online retailers came with their own version of Black Friday calling it Cyber Monday. 
The title cyber is perhaps because it was used to describe the internet. Also, they chose Monday for this sale day as people were in their offices and had access to the internet. Monday used to be a busy online shopping day. Cyber Monday like Black Friday became a big hit with shoppers. 

Best Things To Grab On Black Friday

Black Friday is one day of the year where virtually every store or retailer is offering some kind of discount. However, that does not mean it is a great discount. Over the years, we have learned a great deal about this incredible sale day. There are certain things that have better discounts and value. If you have this information, you can walk away with the best deals.
Here is what is best to buy on Black Friday:


You probably guessed it and you were right, TVs are indeed the best commodity to buy on Black Friday. Whether you buy them online or get in line outside stores, you will most likely save a great deal of money on them.


Electronics are super cheap on Black Friday. You should go for different appliances you may need at home. You can buy washers, blenders, refrigerators, ovens etc. 


If you have been eyeing a beautiful diamond ring for a long time, Black Friday is perhaps the best time to buy it. The discounts at jewelry stores are great especially online. You can find big discount promo codes on coupon sites for jewelry retailers and designers.


The discounts on gaming consoles are probably the best on Black Friday. It is just before the holiday season and consoles make for a great holiday present. Many parents want to buy those for their kids. 

Best things to snag during Cyber Monday
Here is what you can get the best deals for on Cyber Monday:


It only makes sense to buy tech stuff on a day that has cyber in its name. Cyber Monday offers the biggest deal on tech gear including laptops. There are deals on Black Friday but the better deals only come out on Cyber Monday. 


Again, this is another technology product that has big discounts this day. After all, it is Cyber Monday so why not software? If you are a student or a developer, you can get software subscriptions for much less.

Vacation Packages/Flights: 

Cyber Monday is also the best time to find great travel packages. Airlines offer flash sales on certain routes. Travel companies offer all-inclusive trips at discounted prices. Grab them while you can!

Things You Can Buy On Both Black Friday & Cyber Monday
There are many retail categories where you can get amazing bargains on both these days. Usually, retailers start the deals a little before Black Friday and are available all the way till Cyber Monday or till stock lasts. Here is what you can buy during the whole Thanksgiving week:

Clothing & Shoes:

This is mainly because there are many retailers and clothing is not exactly in high demand. Nevertheless, discounted clothing and shoes are available on both the sale days. 


Let’s be honest, smartphones do not have the best discounts on either day. You can buy them on both the days.

Some Interesting Things About Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday brought in $5.03 billion in sales revenue in 2017
  • Cyber Monday brought in more than Black Friday, a whopping $7.9 billion
  • Approximately 101.7 million Americans hit the stores over the last four days of Thanksgiving week
  • Black Friday deals start as early as the beginning of November
  • The average discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is 37%
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday accounted for 20% of holiday shopping

Last Words

This year, both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to bring in even more revenue than last year.

The deals have gotten better and with the right information, you can get the best deals. Start collecting coupons already and shop at your favorite stores. Many people prefer to shop for holidays already to save money. Perhaps, you can do the same and buy those expensive gifts for much less. Happy shopping!

Published on: November 22, 2018

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